Paying it Forward


I’m an avid angler and grew up with a fishing rod constantly in my hand. During my middle school and highschool years I took an interest in fly fishing, and began researching and accumulating gear. I joined North Georgia Trout Online, which Monthly Fly just recently became an official supporter of, and made valuable connections with experienced anglers. I was given advice and free gear by people I’ve never even met. I also had the privilege of being mentored by some of the best anglers in the southern US. Looking back, I was incredibly lucky to have the resources that made my love of fly fishing possible. Now I want to help the next group of new anglers.

When I joined the Monthly Fly team I immediately recognized the huge potential value to new anglers. The Match the Hatch Subscription greatly simplifies the process by putting flies in your hands that are specifically selected to catch fish in your area. The Gift Subscription also provides valuable accessories such as the Tacky Fly Box and tapered leaders. But the value of Monthly Fly goes beyond that. We also have a platform through this blog to share valuable information for anglers, such as Joe’s recent series on How Trout Feed.


Over the past weekend I had the pleasure to attend the NGTO Spring Fling and catch up with some of my angling mentors. During lunch I was discussing Monthly Fly with one of those mentors, and found out that the guy next to me was a subscriber. We chatted for some time and I had the good fortune of hearing the story of his start in the sport. Apparently along with the subscription, he also received valuable information and advice by sending questions via direct chat to our Facebook page. Josh, one of the Monthly Fly founders, walked him through his issues and even helped find the right gear. I know from personal experience that this type of support is crucial for a new angler. I was extremely proud to hear his story, but not surprised.

As I made my decision to join the Monthly Fly Team I wasn’t thinking about experience, sales, or money, or flies, or my career path. The greatest draw to me was the incredible company culture. Monthly Fly isn’t just about sending flies to your mailbox, it’s about making sure you have the resources necessary to enjoy the sport. Over the next few weeks we hope to explore new opportunities to provide those resources and improve your angling experience. I encourage you to subscribe to our email newsletter to stay up to date on our efforts, and please feel free to provide feedback on how we can better serve you. It is truly exciting to be part of a team that is dedicated to providing the support that was so crucial in my own growth as an angler.




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