Exploring New Waters

Note: Huge thanks to our partners at West Virginia Natives for the blog content. Check out their site. We are super excited that they have joined the Monthfly Team, and hope you will do the same!

Exploring New Waters When asked to do our first blog post for Monthly Fly it was perfect timing. The weather had just begun to change and we were sprinting towards spring. And when spring hits here in West Virginia, well we get this primal urge to hit the streams and begin our hunt for the native brook trout. Native brook trout is our passion, thus the name WV Natives. But the Final17problem with the brook trout in West Virginia is the species is struggling to survive. Many years of over fishing, mining and harmful stocking methods have destroyed the brook trouts habitat have dwindled the population down to nothing. Sure you can still catch lots of natives in small tributaries but gone are the days of the mighty West Virginia brook trout. So what does this mean for anglers who are passionate about fishing this elusive beauty? It means we have to be constantly exploring new waters. And there are three main reasons we continue to make exploration of unknown waters a habit.

1. Keeping healthy fisheries Final21
Over fishing is a large problem especially here in West Virginia. Certain areas get fished month in and month out and it destroys the populations of fish. Even if you are catch and release fishing (Which you should be) over fishing the same area can be hazardous to the healthy of the population. So explore some new waters and constantly be adding new fisheries to your rotation so they can remain healthy and have time to recuperate.

Final052. Finding New Areas
Have you ever had the pleasure of finding a new stream and fishing on it and pulling out a big beautiful trout? And after landing this monster you realize that you may be the only person who has fished this water in quite sometime. That feeling of exploring new places and going where few care to venture is a major thrill for us. It also allows you to become familiar with your area which in turn leads to more fish and that amazing thrill of the chase. What will you find around the next bend?

3. Adventure Final12
At WV Natives we thrive off adventure in any form we can get it. And as I said above exploring new waters and going new places is a major thrill. In fact we are getting ready to embark on a 4 days trip and fish some of our top streams we have always wanted to. We have spent months scouting and talking to locals and anyone who has knowledge of the area we are going. And I think all of the preparation and travel and thrill is a huge part of what makes fly fishing special. And it’s what will continue to drive us to go where others won’t to catch the fish other don’t.

Final16P.S. Always stay alert for posted areas and be aware of who’s land you’re on. We never encourage trespassing of any kind. But highly encourage reaching out to land owners for permission to fish new areas of the rivers and streams. You would be surprised how nice most land owners are if you are kind enough to treat them and their land with respect.



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