Announcing The Winter Program!

Winter Fly Fishing

You asked, we answered!

Based on survey results from the online community, we are very excited to announce the 2014 Winter Program! This very minute our subscription members are choosing:

  • Tapered leaders, fluorocarbon tippet, and waterproof double-sided logo flyboxes to receive December through February.
  • Some ambitious folks may also choose to have us stock them up with March and April fly assortments to ‘Match the Hatch’!
  • Others are fishing through the winter and opt to receive flies selected for their local waters for their time and season

Want to see what this is all about?

Deadline to subscribe and participate in the Winter Program is midnight DECEMBER 5th.

At just $12/month to ‘Match the Hatch’ and no long term commitment what have you got to lose?

As the BEST trout fly subscription service out there, we work year round to provide our members with the best value and quality for your fly fishing pursuits!