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Black FLYday- $100 FREE flies!

Hello fly fisher folks! We hope you have had a GREAT year, as we have. We are now offering a one time special to PRE-ORDER the popular GIFT package with a HUGE fly bonus. Package includes a TACKY fly box, Little Nippers multi-tool, and a whole bunch of flies, complete with a gift message […]

Top 5 Fly Fishing Moments- What are yours?

A fan of our Facebook page posted recently that they wanted to get a fly rod and begin fly fishing. I thought: Oh wow think of all the thrilling fly fishing firsts that individual has yet to experience! It further spurred the memory banks to flip back over my favorite fly fishing moments, and why […]

Early Spring Trout Fly Fishing: Catch More Fish in Seasonal Transition

As the days flip flop between ice in the guides temperatures and sunglasses weather fly fishers engaging in early spring trout fly fishing need to modify some techniques to produce fish during seasonal transitions. Flexibility with both fly selections, rigging, technique, and location are key. Don’t get tunnel vision on one fly or technique because you had a take […]

Our Top 5 Subsurface Winter Trout Fly Fishing Flies: What’s In Your Box?

Just $9/mo – No Commitments! While we all fantasize about moments of ferocious trout surface activity with insects fluttering about our faces, for a couple more months yet it’s time to participate in the feeding occurring below the surface that we don’t see. We’ll take a quick look at what we consider to be the […]

Insect Profile: the BWO, a Winter Trout Fly Fishing Staple

Just $9/mo – No Commitments! Do you think you could pick a ‘BWO’ out of an insect lineup? Probably not say trout insect experts, for a number of reasons. The term ‘BWO’ that is commonly used by the winter trout fly fishing community stands for Blue Wing Olive. This term not only really refers more to the trout fly but is a […] FAQ: Selection and quality of subscription trout fly fishing flies? 2

Just $9/mo – No Commitments! In our Match the Hatch trout fly fishing subscription packages (you get 15 flies for just $9 each month) the two most common questions we are asked are: What patterns of flies will I receive in my monthly subscription? and Since they are so inexpensive, are they good quality? As our January […]

To Imitate or Stimulate? What to ask when trout fly fishing and selecting flies

Just $9/mo – No Commitments! Whether a trout fly fishing fly imitates a food source or stimulates a strike response, or why trout bite bits of thread, yarn, and metal at all is worthy of consideration for everyone from trout fly fishing novices to experts. What observations should you make and what questions should you ask […]