FAQ: Selection and quality of subscription trout fly fishing flies?

Just $9/mo – No Commitments!

In our Match the Hatch trout fly fishing subscription packages (you get 15 flies for just $9 each month) the two most common questions we are asked are: What patterns of flies will I receive in my monthly subscription? and Since they are so inexpensive, are they good quality? As our January subscriptions are flowing out the door I decided to snap a few photos and answer these questions for you! As well, we’ll remind those interested- NO contracts, NO commitments, shipping included!

One of our custom wild fish fly selections for January
One of our many custom WILD fish fly selections for January- 15 flies for just $9!

Fly selection: We go to GREAT lengths in developing an annual fly selection plan for our subscribers- patterns are carefully chosen with these goals in mind: 1) Help you catch more fish, 2) Match the Hatch for your location and time of year, and 3) Provide variety of selection to help you build a top notch flybox. Even better- We WELCOME input from you! Our subscribers log such requests as ‘all streamers’, ‘all nymphs’, ‘no eggs’, ‘Steelhead flies please’, and many, many more. By design, the longer you’re a subscriber the better your flybox becomes at catching you more fish where and when you fish the most!

Secondly, are the flies good quality? Take a look at the pictures! These are the same patterns you’ll see wherever you shop for flies, streamside or online. It is our commitment to deliver a top quality product at a much lower cost for you than the up to $2.00 you might be charged elsewhere. We think trout fly fishing can be less expensive and more accessible, not to mention more successful for our customers!. Our top quality hand tied flies flat out catch you fish, and we guarantee your satisfaction!

One of many custom January fly selections for STOCKED trout
One of many custom January fly selections for STOCKED trout- 15 flies for just $9!


We also offer innovative programs like the Winter program, where our subscribers can choose to receive leaders, tippet, and flyboxes in their monthly packages in lieu of flies over the winter, or to stock up on Spring fly selections over the winter months! Our holiday gift package program was the best way for friends and family of fly fishers everywhere to gift something the fly fishers in their lives REALLY wanted. The great feedback we received from recipients and givers alike made it all worthwhile. We’ll be rolling out more innovative programs in 2015 and our subscribers always get first shot! It is our policy NOT to offer discounts or sales as that would punish our current subscribers for their earlier business- and our customers are all we ever are at! We hope this was informative and please email us ANY time at with further questions. By mail or post flybox, leader, tippet, and an amazing selection of top quality flies can arrive at your door each month.

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Just $9/mo – No Commitments!

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