Don’t Forget Your Fly Rod on Spring Break


Don’t Forget Your Fly Rod on Spring Break

joefishingWith Spring Break quickly approaching there are many people out there who will be traveling during the months of March and April either for college spring break or adults bringing their children on a nice vacation.  The one thing i urge you not to do is to forget your fly rod.  Fly fishing gear does not take up that much room and with 4 piece rods available for the convenience of travel you really do not have an excuse to not bring some gear along.  There are many fishing opportunities all over the country and beyond.


What’s that you say?  You do not have the right weight rod?  Ask a friend if you could borrow one! Fly rods are very versatile in that  simple 5 weight rod could be used for both coldwater and warmwater fisheries. You cannot throw huge streamers with a 5 weight rod, but you can throw some clousers or smaller popping bugs for bass and smaller nymphs for bream. There will more than likely be one of these fisheries or even some salt near where you are lodging so why not take advantage of a little “you time” while your significant others are out shopping or sunbathing.  If you have something heavier like a 7 or 8 weight and are heading to the beach, bring it along.  Early mornings and late evenings before the sun goes down are typically best for fishing the beaches before the crowds start showing up and spook the fish.  Jetties are also really good areas that will hold some fish.  There are plenty of places for small fish to hide which in turn will bring in some larger fish.  


Now I know a lot of people out there are not driving to their destination for spring break and are thinking to themselves, “I cannot bring that on a plane”.  My answer to you is, “ You will be surprised what you can get away with bringing on a plan”  It is always important to check with the Transportation Services Association or “TSA” for short.   I have traveled all over the United States, Canada and Mexico.  A typical carry-on for me i my fly rod in tube, reels, leaders, small flies (large flies must be checked) and my vest (now that TSA allows fingernail clippers they are okay with nippers).  I will check my boots and large flies.  I figure I could always replace those items if my checked bag gets misplaced.  It is also very important to check with the airline that you will be traveling with to see what their carry-on rules are.  Most airlines have a size requirement on the carry-on bags and will also allow one personal 1307598569_5cf49c6a5c_zitem.  I will put my laptop or tablet in my carry-on so if I got questioned by the airline I would say my rod tube was my personal item.   I can usually fit everything into compression sacks that I will place into a hiking backpack.  I like these backpacks because you can use the straps located on the outside of the pack to further compress your pack to fit the airlines specific size for a carry-on piece of luggage.  Another perk to using a hiking style pack is that a rod tube will fit under an exterior strap and into the water bottle holder
and you can free up your hands by not having to carry the rod tube in hand.


Airlines are usually very lenient with fishermen.  As long as you do not take advantage of their good gracious and be smart following these tips; they should not have an issue.  Monthly Fly and I hope everyone has a great spring break.  


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Keep safe, tighten some lines and have fun!


Joe with Monthly Fly

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