Summer Trout Fly Fishing: Be Mindful of Fish Health & Stress

It’s worth a quick note to be mindful of fish health when summer trout fly fishing, and the stresses we may unintentionally put on fish in the Summer heat. Here are a few tips to try and ensure that beauty is there to fight another day:

1) Play fish as quickly as possible to the net, which means no undersized tippet or leader if you’re in an area where big fish or heavy

Keep fish cool in the summer heat
Keep fish cool in the summer heat

current are possible

2) Always handle fish wet-handed to protect the slime coat. It is important to their immune system and health!

3) Use the appropriate sized (larger is better) most non-abrasive net you can find

4) Keep fish cool and in the water if you’re prepping your camera or Go-Pro for a ‘grip n grin’

5) Resuscitate fish slowly by cradling them gently head into slow, clear current. They’ll let you know when they’re ready to go!

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Tight lines and catch ’em up from the team!




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