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Fishing High and Stained Waters

  Fishing high, stained water can be very rewarding. If you have not tried it, you might be missing out. As spring approaches and the rains pick up, most of the rivers around me will be running high and stained. When I started fishing, I thought if it was raining or the river was running […]

Winter Trout Fishing

  For me, winter time fishing is a time of solitude. There are fewer fishermen pressuring the trout, but the trout are still there and still feeding. As I get older, this is the time of year I look forward to most. I can hit well known rivers with no one in sight instead of […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Where to Find Trout as the Mercury Rises

    Have you had trouble finding fish this summer with record heat? You might be asking yourself where the fish went. Did they get caught and kept? Did they move out of the area? Was there a fish kill? These are questions that fellow fly fishermen across the United States might have been asking themselves […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Mono VS. Fluoro

No matter what fly fishing shop you go into or search online, there is always a huge selection of leaders and tippets on a large display case. If you’re new to fly fishing, looking at that giant rack can be a bit overwhelming with various manufacturers, types of leaders and tippet, and prices easily ranging […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Drake Hatches Part 2

    In my previous article I wrote about the four, most common Drake Hatches: the Green Drake, Dark Green Drake, Brown Drake and the Yellow Drake. Depending on where in the United States you are located, this could be a sign of great fishing or the end to spring/summer time fishing as the water […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, The Drake Hatch

  We fly fishermen (and women) are getting excited as warm summer days approach us. It’s not because the weather is nice or the water is slightly warmer. The excitement is generated from the inevitable Drake hatch that comes with the summer heat. The drake is the largest of the mayflies and will be the […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Proper Handling of Trout 1

Catch and Release Conservation should be first and foremost on any American’s mind when it comes to the outdoors. Without normal, everyday people taking conservation to the front lines, the wonderful national forests and resources would not be as they are today. While most states impose bag limits on wildlife, they still advise that fisherman […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Small Streams Part 2

  Combat Fishing Even though it is different from “normal” fishing, there is something peaceful, simple and joyful about chasing those small fish in pure, spring fed-streams. When chasing wild trout you will find yourself climbing over, under and around log jams; down trees; and low-hanging branches and attempting to cast in areas where you […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Small Streams Part 1 1

    Joe’s Tip of the Week, Small Streams Part 1. Fishing for stocked trout can be fun, but if you are looking for more of a challenge and usually some better scenery, then try a small stream. My wife and I enjoy searching new waters and trying to find little gems in the mountains. […]

Joe’s Tip of The Week, Indicators 2

    Indicators There are many different types of fly fishing indicators on the market. They all serve the same purpose – to let the angler know if they have a strike. They can also be used to help you fish the right depth. I hope to help you better understand the pros and cons […]