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Fishing High and Stained Waters

  Fishing high, stained water can be very rewarding. If you have not tried it, you might be missing out. As spring approaches and the rains pick up, most of the rivers around me will be running high and stained. When I started fishing, I thought if it was raining or the river was running […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Floatant

      Floatant Let’s face it; if you are like me, I remember growing up watching A River Runs Through It (one of my favorites), with Brad Pitt throwing dry flies in the Gallatin River near Bozeman, Montana. After watching that movie, I decided I wanted to get into fly fishing. I thought all […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Water Temperature and What It Means For Trout 1

Temperatures in the south exceeded 90 degrees this weekend with the night time lows remaining above 70 degrees. These temperatures, in conjunction with low rainfall, can lead to rapidly rising water temperatures. This is a recipe for lethal water temperatures for trout. If you practice catch and release and continue fishing freestone rivers and streams […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Drake Hatches Part 2

    In my previous article I wrote about the four, most common Drake Hatches: the Green Drake, Dark Green Drake, Brown Drake and the Yellow Drake. Depending on where in the United States you are located, this could be a sign of great fishing or the end to spring/summer time fishing as the water […]

Joe’s Tip of The Week, Indicators 2

    Indicators There are many different types of fly fishing indicators on the market. They all serve the same purpose – to let the angler know if they have a strike. They can also be used to help you fish the right depth. I hope to help you better understand the pros and cons […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week. Part 1 “How Trout Feed” 4

Joe’s Tip of the Week, How Fish Feed Here at Monthly Fly, our goal is to make you successful on the water. For that reason I want to start giving out tips every week to help you catch more fish. In a previous post, I told you to be a sponge. No, I wasn’t referring […]