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Joe’s Tip of the Week, Safe Wading

  Safe wading. Sounds simple enough, but is it? I have watched the fly fishing community experience a huge boom in the last few years. More and more anglers are making the switch to fly fishing. I was fortunate enough to start trout fishing at the age of 3. My dad grew up fishing the […]

Fishing High Stained Water, Part 2

    You can catch fish in high, stained water. It just might take some trial and error to hone in on what the trout are feeding on. Remember that as it rains, the runoff will flush a smorgasbord of food into the rivers and streams allowing for a buffet style eatery for the trout. […]

Fishing High and Stained Waters

  Fishing high, stained water can be very rewarding. If you have not tried it, you might be missing out. As spring approaches and the rains pick up, most of the rivers around me will be running high and stained. When I started fishing, I thought if it was raining or the river was running […]

Winter Trout Fishing

  For me, winter time fishing is a time of solitude. There are fewer fishermen pressuring the trout, but the trout are still there and still feeding. As I get older, this is the time of year I look forward to most. I can hit well known rivers with no one in sight instead of […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Mono VS. Fluoro

No matter what fly fishing shop you go into or search online, there is always a huge selection of leaders and tippets on a large display case. If you’re new to fly fishing, looking at that giant rack can be a bit overwhelming with various manufacturers, types of leaders and tippet, and prices easily ranging […]

Joe’s Tip of The Week, Indicators 2

    Indicators There are many different types of fly fishing indicators on the market. They all serve the same purpose – to let the angler know if they have a strike. They can also be used to help you fish the right depth. I hope to help you better understand the pros and cons […]

Insect Profile: the BWO, a Winter Trout Fly Fishing Staple

Just $9/mo – No Commitments! Do you think you could pick a ‘BWO’ out of an insect lineup? Probably not say trout insect experts, for a number of reasons. The term ‘BWO’ that is commonly used by the winter trout fly fishing community stands for Blue Wing Olive. This term not only really refers more to the trout fly but is a […]