Top 5 Fly Fishing Moments- What are yours?

A fan of our Facebook page posted recently that they wanted to get a fly rod and begin fly fishing. I thought: Oh wow think of all the thrilling fly fishing firsts that individual has yet to experience! It further spurred the memory banks to flip back over my favorite fly fishing moments, and why they stuck in my head as the most special.

Here are my top 5. What are yours?!?

Pink Salmon on the fly, Capilano River, Vancouver, B.C.
Pink Salmon on the fly, Capilano River, Vancouver, B.C.

1. First Salmon on the fly. Capilano River, Vancouver, B.C. A beautiful Pink. It was the effort and energy I put into making this happen that made it special. Asking locals, a lot of research, and watching others. And casting. So much casting. Pulling on cold damp waders every morning for 6 straight days at 5:30 AM is tough as well, or a special type of insanity (Kudos to the guides who do it day in and day out!)

2. First wild Steelhead on the fly. Squamish river system, B.C. Amazing fight, amazing scenery and river, amazing guide experience. Firmly fixed in the mental video reel forever. Definitely checked a box off the life list.

3. First trout on a fly I tied myself. It was not huge, it was not wild, and it was not caught on some mecca of a trout stream, but the thump of that take was electric. I remember the location, who I was with, which spot it was, choosing the fly, and tying it on. The fight was thrilling and when that fish came to hand as a catch, I was wearing a big silly grin. I used to tie a lot, but nowadays where is the time? I simply get my flies mailed to my door from ($9 / month subscription for 15 flies matched to my local area!)

First wild Steelhead on the fly
First wild Steelhead on the fly

4. Putting my wife on her first trout. She was a gamer that day. She doesn’t love fishing, or fly fishing, but knows I do and made the best of the early wake up, the car ride, and my relentless coaching and instruction. Luckily, it didn’t take long and while I don’t think she was as thrilled as I was with her catch, she was excited and smiling, and still talks about it. Thank you for sharing that day with me Barbara!

5. The day saver. Some days are tough. Fish won’t bite, casts or mechanics are off, tippet snaps, conditions sour. Sometimes we get frustrated and want to pack it in. Cry uncle to the river and the fish and walk away. Then sometimes we get the ‘day saver’. That late fish on a frustrating day that turns everything around. I’ve had a few, and wrote an article on this one. Scroll down our blog if you’re so inclined and enjoy the story!

THE ONE THAT WILL ALWAYS BE #1 THAT HASN’T HAPPENED YET: My little boy is 16 months old. I am waiting patiently….

Tight lines folks and we’d love to hear what your favorite moments are. For more information on our Match the Hatch subscription plans check out As always, make the most of your precious time on the water!








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