Joe’s Tip of the Week, Where to Find Trout as the Mercury Rises

    Have you had trouble finding fish this summer with record heat? You might be asking yourself where the fish went. Did they get caught and kept? Did they move out of the area? Was there a fish kill? These are questions that fellow fly fishermen across the United States might have been asking themselves […]

Reader Questions: Leader and tippet

Leaders and tippet tend to be the most intimidating part of your set-up, and even the most experienced anglers spend time researching to improve their leaders/tippet. It can make a huge difference in your ability to cast, drift, mend, detect strikes, and land fish. We received a question on Facebook regarding leader and tippet length, […]

Why is the Woolly Booger so great? 3

It could well be argued that no fly patterns has accounted for more fish than the woolly booger. It enjoys a cult like following among fly fisherman, and even some spin fishermen, and has inspired more spin-offs than a 1970’s hit sitcom. Many beginners ask, why is the woolly booger so popular? Some would say […]

Fish Without Water?

August can be a difficult month for fly fishing, especially in hot climates. As water levels drop and temperatures rise, trout become more and more difficult to find and catch. Here in Georgia, August is without a doubt the worst month for trout fishing. Even the coldest winter months produce better fishing. But being a […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Mono VS. Fluoro

No matter what fly fishing shop you go into or search online, there is always a huge selection of leaders and tippets on a large display case. If you’re new to fly fishing, looking at that giant rack can be a bit overwhelming with various manufacturers, types of leaders and tippet, and prices easily ranging […]

Beginners Guide to Fly Line 5

Fly fishermen obsess over gear. Rods, reels, nets, boots, waders, vest, chest packs, sling packs, glasses, nippers, forceps…well you get the point. All of those things are important on some level, but if you don’t maintain a solid connection with the fish it is all moot. When the rubber meets the road, your line is […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Floatant

      Floatant Let’s face it; if you are like me, I remember growing up watching A River Runs Through It (one of my favorites), with Brad Pitt throwing dry flies in the Gallatin River near Bozeman, Montana. After watching that movie, I decided I wanted to get into fly fishing. I thought all […]

Joe’s Tip of the Week, Water Temperature and What It Means For Trout 1

Temperatures in the south exceeded 90 degrees this weekend with the night time lows remaining above 70 degrees. These temperatures, in conjunction with low rainfall, can lead to rapidly rising water temperatures. This is a recipe for lethal water temperatures for trout. If you practice catch and release and continue fishing freestone rivers and streams […]

Fly Fishing Heaven

While fly fishermen have greatly expanded the scope of their angling pursuits over the past decade, from bass, striper, redfish, carp, and gar, there is little doubt that trout still represent the crown jewel for most fly fishermen. One surprising quarry might challenge trout as the most targeted fish for fly anglers: the bluegill. Bluegill, […]